Management Framework

Beaverlodge Management Framework

The Beaverlodge management framework outlines the processes by which the former Eldorado properties are being safeguarded and properly managed in the long term. By following these processes, the conditions on the properties are being assessed for long term safety and stability, before they are ultimately transferred to the Saskatchewan government's institutional control program

The role of the property manager (currently Cameco) is to:

Step 1: Assess Information

Step 2: Assess Risk

Step 3: Assess Options

Step 4: Implement Remedial Option

Step 5: Apply for Release

Under the Saskatchewan government's institutional control program, long-term funding is in place to finance monitoring and maintenance. Expenses related to unforeseen events are also provided for.

Management Plan

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Studies & Assessments

A wide variety of environmental studies and assessments are essential components of the Beaverlodge Management Plan.

The site manager's ongoing communication processes provide local stakeholders with information on completed studies and assessments at regular community meetings. Completed studies and assessment reports are also available from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission or at the Uranium City town office.