2023 Relicensing

The current Beaverlodge licence (WFOL-W5-2120.2/2023) applies to the remaining decommissioned Beaverlodge properties and is set to expire on May 31, 2023. Cameco will be applying for a 24-month licence renewal from current licence expiry date. On-site activities to prepare the final set of properties for release from Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) licensing will be completed prior to the expiration of the current licence. However, based on discussions with CNSC staff, extending the licence term for an additional 24 months will allow adequate time for regulatory processes, public engagement, and document preparation to support the final release of the decommissioned Beaverlodge properties and transfer to the IC program. As such, the request is largely administrative in nature and does not involve a change to the authorized activities of the current licensing basis. See the attached documents below for additional information:

Application for Renewal of the Decommissioned Beaverlodge Properties Licence (PDF - 80 KB)

Beaverlodge Facility Licence Manual (PDF - 292 KB)

Beaverlodge Country Foods Summary (PDF - 164 KB)

Beaverlodge Quantitative Site Model (PDF - 114 KB)

Beaverlodge Site Gamma Radiation Risk Evaluation (PDF - 280 KB)